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blueprint fr americ welcome to willis report. gerri: i'm jerry wlis, president ama and mitt romney back on the campaign trail where president is blasting romney's foreign policy, wrong and reckless but, one republican senator said it is obama's foreign aid that nee to be looked at. rand paul of kentucky with more, welcome back, so, you have been talkin about foreign aid for a long time, now you put your money where your mouth it, tell us about the ads. >> we're running ads in west virginia, ohio, florida, missouri, and we're contemplatingoing into montana and pennsylvania next. letting people know that their senator continue toote to send aid to countries that are burning our flag and not protecng our embassy, i think that most americans would be appalled to know this. gerri: it is not chump change, pakistan $2 .1 billion, egypt $ 1.6, libya 13.1. should we yank the money from the countries and what is the bases for deciding who gs aid. >> a story today the president of egypt saying amen to annihilating the jews, i do not see giving money to people whose policy is anile latin annihilat,
and senior adviser to the romney campaign. good to have you here, governor. appreciate your time. if the stock about the economy. i'm sorry? >> happy thursday. gerri: said the thursday to you as well. let's talk about the economy. i read this plan, and four of the president's top five points are points that governor romney made in his five. plant. it almost picks up the language verbatim. why should we believe the president is committed to this plan when the economy, we have seen no results. >> well, you should not. he made promises in 2008 the csi kept. he was going to have the deficit and the double that. he increased the debt by about $5 trillion. the key issue for voters today is to look forward. not backward. and we have to understand that it needs the right kind of. if i might have would like to suggest that there was a very important endorsement today by the detroit news. the of the capital of the world in detroit, and they endorsed mitt romney. although they said they preferred the obama bankruptcy bailout plan to run these, they pointed to the future. and they pointed ou
state florida in the mitt romney column. a new "fox news poll" showing the romney ryan ticket pulling ahead of obama-biden in florida, t biggest bateground state. the "orlando sentinel" today, central florida's biggest paper endorsing the gop challenger despite supporting obama in 28. is florida a done deal for mitt? let's ask. byron york, chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner". doug holtz-eakin,merican action forum and steven sigman, senior vice president for global strategy group. steven what i will start with you, what happenedo your candidate's big mo? >> look at a poll every two minutes you see sething different. melissa: there i momentum here. there is a trend here. >> i actually don't think that's right. i think the trend at the end this week, ifanything is ind back to the presidt. but much more important --. melissa: what poll would that be? >> the poll of the "rasmussen poll" today, the ipsos poll today, the marist, "wall street journal" polls in wa and wiscons show the president up by six and five points and 18 among women. the polls are going all ov the
was leading by 15 points but now it has all but disappeared. the challenge is for mitt romney to take advantage of the president's weakness. tonight we have jason chaffetz of utah. great to have you. governor romney, we are fascinated by what he will lay out. what will he say? >> we will talk about china and the economic impact. when we deficit spend $3 billion per day, there's the economic impact. mitt romney has a stronger vision. dealing with china, making ourselves more globally competitive also libya libya, israel, syria, iran and the explosion of terrorism we have seen recently. i look forward to the discussion on china. gerri: net romney famously said he would take a survey of all the departments in the federal government any fed did not have an obvious reason for being he does not want to borrow money from china to pay for the agency. moving on, real concerns about libya. the president, the administration might have known and not tell the american people. gerri: net romney was criticczed for not hitting that hard enough last time. >> for mitt romney to talk about his vision fo
for mitt romney? a lot of people do? >> in florida, i think something is going on in florida and workiig in mitt romney's favor now. no doubt about it. he seems to be moving ahead. this is not a big sign of victory. florida for romney is a state you don' win it you die. he has to win a lot of other things other than that florida, if he doesn't ss that bar he doesn't win. this has to b encouraging news as they work in iowa, new hampshi and of course ohio. melissa: doug. gerri: doug i was surprised to see what was going on in ohio. "fox news oll". ahead i canot sethat far. this is the tte that romney has to take. >>certainly. there is a lear tihtening after the debates. implore data are you seeing the senate race tight as well? th you srt to see that with the top of te ticket then you have real momentum. up until nowt is a very tight political ce without clear evidence one way or another. gerri: the president makes his sixth appearance calling the death of americans not timal. >> if more aerans get killed in is not otimal. >> hedid not include the qution he said it is not exactly opmal. b
. i think any time he does something like this, the profanity and all the attacks on mitt romney, i think it backfired -- backfires among a different demographic. older voters who might be inclined or who are undecided will look at this and say, that's not for me. why would he do that. as you say, it's on presidential and is -- [talking over each other] gerri: you say this should have been used earlier. i don't think it should have been used at all. >> it's kind of offensive. the only way they can reach out to young women, because this is the demographic they're reaching out to come is to appeal to us through a cheap birth control, sandra fluke and now this at comparing. [talking over each other] gerri: that is the only thing on your agenda. what is the president missing? >> needs to understand that the economy is the number-one issue, does not matter if you are woman or man. the problem is we need jobs. >> but he has no plan. this is all about distracting, turning your attention to something that he thinks you will like instead of a job. it's let them eat cake. gerri: jason. >> the
of people still feel like we don't have solid plans from either of them. >> governor romney had to overcome the hurdle that every challenger to an incumbent president has. ronald reagan added in 1980. that is to show that against an incumbent president who has been there for three and a half years the challenger has what it takes to sit behind the big desk at the white house and make some hard decisions. so i think that was the strategy, to show that he had, gravitas, resolved, he had a grasp of the issues, not to get into the nitty gritty of current disputes, but to show the voting public that he has the capacity to handle challenges and threats. we don't even know about it at this time because they have not occurred yet. there is something in the future, and the citizens have to believe that they can put his trust and delegate this enormous responsibility to a challenger who they have not seen him perform the functions of commander in chief, so i think that is what the governor had to do, and i think in my completely unbiased opinion, that is exactly what he did. tracy: i guess it is very
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)